Thank you for your interest in Brows 360 Upright! Our classes are designed for Cosmetic Tattooing Professionals who are interested in learning the Brows 360™ techniques. 
The term Brows 360™ refers to a visual check to make sure that the brows you create look great in EVERY angle. 
Our Class: "Designs in Motion" will help you take brow mapping to the next level. 
I am excited to share my concepts in brow design with you, because it’s been a game changer for me!




We will need the following information:

  • Your FULL NAME


  • Your STATE where you will be Licensed

Once we receive your information, we'll add you to the list. As soon as we are ready, we will send a flyer complete with all the necessary sign up details. 

We are excited to announce our

Brows 360™  Series of Classes



    Not for Unauthorized Use or Distribution

Do you just want the ABC's of Microblading . . .

or do you want the whole alphabet?


Placement over Precision . . .

The ability to create crisp beautiful brow strokes is important.  However, the placement of those strokes, will overpower the precision, every time! 

If you work on your clients laying down, you know the struggles you go through as soon as your client sits back up starts  talking. If you're not careful, those brows will take on a different look than when laying down. If you have trouble in this area, I would love to help!

If you plan on receiving a procedure in class . . .

Please read the PLANNING PAGES ASAP.  IF YOU ARE UNDER A DOCTOR'S CARE, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE. For example, if you've had any joint replacements you will need to pre-medicate with the same antibiotic that you would take when having a dental procedure. 


Be sure to start taking ARNICA MONTANA approximately 2 weeks prior to class and eat lots of green, leafy vegetables to strengthen your system. For best results, please avoid stimulants and blood thinners such as aspirin, alcohol or caffeine and no strenuous exercise for a couple of days prior to (and following) your procedure.


Remember, we require a weeks notice of cancellation, no matter what. This keeps our schedule flowing. If you don't give adequate notice or if you no show to your appointment, your booking fee will be forfeited and a new one will be required when booking a new appointment. We appreciate you for understanding!


I'm not one to fill people with empty hopes and dreams, so I'm not going after every one with a pulse. To do so only dilutes the credibility of the trainer.  I'm going to tell you, that this field is not for everyone and it's not for the faint of heart. It IS for anyone who is willing to put forth the effort into building an amazing, highly satisfying career and potentially lucrative career.

So check your motives, BEFORE checking in to class . . . 

  • If your MAIN MOTIVATING FACTOR IS TO MAKE LOTS AND LOT OF MONEY, but you can't draw a stick figure... you may find yourself treading in deep water. Then what will you do when the waves start to come?

  • If your goal is to become an overnight sensation and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams... know that that COULD happen, but it's NOT going to happen for everyone... and it's probably not going to happen over night!

  •  More realistically, if you are PASSIONATE ABOUT BEAUTY, HELPING PEOPLE AND HAVE THE PATIENCE OF JOB, THIS MAY BE THE CAREER YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!  You can serve your community with your artistry and integrity, while making a decent living, and being your own boss - I have the mindset that there are clients for every level of artist and I believe there is enough to go around... It could take time to rise through the ranks, so stick with it if your passion drives you to do so. 

Do we ever give Discounts? 

YES!  We offer a FAMILY & FRIENDS DISCOUNT of $1000 off when two or more students partner up. This discount is good toward the Brows 360 class.

Are Booking Fees Refundable? 

No... when you book a spot in class, we begin immediately to prepare YOUR SPOT in our class. We pay someone a salary to start buying supplies and equipment to support your commitment. Therefore, booking fees are always non-refundable, NO exceptions. 

Are Class Fees Refundable?  . . . NO!

No... our trainings are extensive and have taken years to plan. Therefore, program fees are not refundable, NO exceptions. 

Over the past 4 years, I've resisted the urge to jump into the middle of this microblading feeding frenzy. On the bright side, this time has enabled me to stay focused on developing a solid course curriculum that I am now very proud of! 


I am confident that I can provide my students with solid class material  that will help to support them as they move in to creating their own successes.

SIDE NOTE: This is not easy work. Some people will get it, some will struggle.

So we really want you to THINK IT OVER BEFORE YOU COMMIT! Please keep something in mind as you plan your path... Some people will dive into something with the best of intentions, only to learn more about themselves, than the course they attended. Some learn that they just didn't have  the PASSION, drive or ambition to stick with the plan LONG ENOUGH to succeed. Others learn that their passion is the ONLY thing that kept them on track. This is true throughout ALL forms of education. How many people do you know who are working in the same field that they studied in college? Statistics show - not many. Last I read, it was about 30%.

This happened to me... TWICE! Early in my career, I obtained a cosmetology license. Artistically, I excelled at everything I touched! But my speed was my nemesis! So I became discouraged and quit. I settled for a "safe" job working for someone else, 40 hours every single week for 17 years. Eventually, I learned that I needed to do something else, but what?


Once I grew tired of just thinking about it, I decided to obtain a Massage Therapy License. I built a very successful massage practice over the next 2 years. That was all going great until  -  I heard about COSMETIC TATTOOING! Somehow, I instantly KNEW that this would be the path to lead me to my TRUE success! It was this PASSION OF KNOWING that helped me persevere through the difficult years.


So, my point is this... I paid for courses that didn't pan out for me. It's all a part of the lessons in life...


But please know this...  everyone here is gifted with a sense of pride and a helpful heart. We will do our best to create a positive environment to HELP you succeed, at the rate you WANT to succeed. We cannot take responsibility for your failure, nor can we claim credit for your successes! However, we do want to equip you with a solid foundation to help you flourish!. And we wish you all the luck and blessings that you deserve!

Included with Class:
  • Class workbook and pre-study material

  • Color theory workbook with color mixing formulas

  • Set of popular Eyebrow pigments

  • Supply kit (enough for 10 Eyebrow procedures after completion of training)

  • Client Forms 

  • Liability insurance information with an A+ company

  • Lunch from Local Galleria Restaurants

  • Certificate of Completion on Graduation Day

  • Photo Disc of your work to start your portfolio

The Skin, Anatomy and Physiology:

The Layers , Functions & Disorders of the skin 

Understanding the exfoliation process.

The blood/tissue fluid/lymph.

Bone Structure  

Muscular System

Sterilization, Sanitation & Disinfection

Cross Contamination

State and County Health Department regulations.

OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Blood-borne Pathogens training app 

Understanding Hand Tools

Understanding the different machines used in permanent Cosmetics 

What is digital rotary?

What is an analog rotary?

Understanding Techniques

Understanding Needle Groups:

How to handle the skin.

What Topical Anesthetics to use 

In reference to Eyebrow procedures:

How to gauge the proper depth of implantation 

Preferred needle groups 

Color Theory 

Learning the color wheel 

Mixing colors 

Choosing the correct color  

Skintones vs Undertones 

Color retention 

Understanding skin undertones 

Color removal

Design and Enhancing 

The right brow shape 

Treatment Room Set-Up:

Supplies needed

Professionalism & Etiquette

The Consultation and Client Concerns 

Complete portfolio including; medical forms questionnaire and all release forms 

Facial diagrams to clarify areas, technique and colors used 

Microblading or Machine? Which is best for particular clients and skin types?

Pre Care Instructions 

After Care Instructions

Documenting Your Work:

Photo Tips on Before and after photos 

Using the proper consent forms

Use Photo Release Forms

How to propely chart your clients.


State and Local Legislation 

Marketing Tips

Completion Exam