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Dominique Sachse 

Dominique & Me
One day, I received a call from this lovely woman. Her story was all  too familiar.  She too, was in a daily struggle WITH HER BROWS. That struggle is now over! 
Meet Dominique Sachse. You may know her from her many years as one of our local news anchors. She is also an incredibly talented YouTube Influencer who has captured the hearts of so many people, far and wide.  
VIDEOS 1-4 BELOW Show her journey through the first 18 months following her initial brow procedure.  
VIDEO #1 - Microblading (August 2015)
VIDEO #2 - Microblading (8 weeks later)
VIDEO #3 - Microblading (16 weeks after 1st Session)


Machine Method to create an Airbrush Effect
VIDEO #4 - 18 MONTH COLOR BOOST (November 2017)
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