Dr. Victoria Zavala

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Medical Director:  

Dr. Victoria Zavala  


I first met Dr. Zavala in 2009 when she came to me for permanent makeup. We soon began working together and have maintained a strong friendship and professional relationship for the past ten years!

When it comes to Facial Aesthetics, you'll be hard pressed to find someone better to turn back your clock! Her background as an Anesthesiologist at Methodist Hospital combined with her artistic skills as a painter and sculptor have given her magical abilities needed to help rejuvenate, not exaggerate.  

She specializes in the following treatments:

  • Botox or Xeomin for relaxing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Dermal Fillers for replacing lost volume.

  • MediThreads to lift and support sagging skin.

  • PermaLip Implants to increase lip volume.

Dr. Zavala is available approximately once a month. Bookings are made by calling/texting her at 713-628-4987.