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Great reviews are vital to any business. If you haven’t had time in the past to tell people about your great experience at Permétika, NOW would be a great time to do that. Here are some places you could leave a review:


BUT THE MOST INFLUENTIAL REVIEW OF ALL COMES FROM DOMINIQUE SACHSE. People are still discovering me through Dominique's series of videos. Her testimony just keeps roaming...  From computer to computer - all over the world and it seems as timeless as her beauty and her kind soul! I am so thankful for all of the people she's reached on my behalf. I could never repay her kindness. 

So now, years later, I've had many opportunities to ask people this question... "WHY did you fly across an ocean to see me?"  The UNIVERSAL ANSWER is this: " It's because your work is different. It looks real!" Well, THAT is what I love to hear! 

So WHY is my work different?   
Heres' the short story: A few years BEFORE Microblading came on the scene, I made a stop at my local tattoo supply shop. In his display case, I noticed some little pink tools that I had never seen before. So asked the shop owner what they were, but he didn't have a clue. He just said that a distributor called them, "TATTOO KNIVES".
Well, THAT NAME was a complete turn off so I just gathered my supplies and was about to leave. But a question lingered in my mind. "WHY are they HOT PINK?!"
I asked to hold the tool. Since I am an artist, know how to do calligraphy and I had a thorough understanding of SKIN...  it suddenly dawned on me that I might be able to "DRAW" an amazing brow stroke with this little tool! So without knowing for sure, what this tool was originally intended, I bought all twelve and got to work. 

As it turned out, I instinctively knew what to do with this magic little tool! My business blow up and soon, estheticians & doctors are recommending me to thier patients because my work looked so realistic that it fooled them even looking up close.
My reputation grew exponentially after that. At that time, I didn't know of anyone in the US that was practicing the art of Microblading yet. I am fairly certain that I was the first in HOUSTON to start performing this type of brow art. 

And that is where the story started. And lucky for me, I believe this is what caught Dominique's attention early in the Brow Game. Luckily, I had a few years of experience BEFORE the Microblading craze kicked in - back in 2015. Thankfully, I was at all the right places at just the right time! 

Thanks for reading my little story!  


Past Client Testimonials



"LOVE CONNIE!! I love this lady!! She's more like... Aunt Connie! lol..I thought i would be nervous, but when i got there she made me feel very welcomed and at home. Truly super cool and awesome. We even jammed out to some music! She kept me informed and showed me every step as she did my brows.I couldn't be happier with my brows. And i would absolutely recommend her to any one searching for brow procedure. I even had the pleasure of meeting Ms.Tatiana and a Ms.monique who are equally nice and awesome. P.s ...She's also very GENEROUS  with the numbing cream, I didn't feel a thing!! which i had worried about. but she constantly applies it during the process and that is a plus in my book!"





"I just had my "eyebrows done" by Connie at Permetika....I had to wait 8 weeks for an appointment but soooooo worth it.....everyone I show cannot believe that her work is tatooed and not real hair! Going back for eyeliner soon! Connie may cost a bit more...but the cost is insignificant compared to the quality and artistry of her work....thanks Connie! I feel 10 years younger! Awesome salon...the office manager Dana is phenomenal....super sterile procedures and will leave feeling fabulous!"



"I am so glad I found Connie Pearson! I had very thin eyebrow hair. I always had to color then in since high school. I have always looked for the next best thing to make my make up routine faster. I found the eyebrow pencil by Anastasia. I fell in love or so I thought. I'm a 27 year old mother of a five year old. My husband likes to leave on time all the time when we go out. Why am I posting this information? Well just to give you a little idea about my struggles. I would be ready to go except for one thing YES my EYEBROWS!!! Since my hairs are thin I really didn't have a certain shape. I had to make my own. I was missing hairs on my right eyebrow on the top from over plucking. My left eyebrow was missing hair on the bottom from over plucking as well so, you can imagine me trying to fill in the areas and make them look as natural. Well with this it made me very frustrated. I felt like one eyebrow was higher then the other or sometimes they were to dark. So by the time I was done I was so self conscious. I felt so uncomfortable. This would change my mood Completely !!! I felt very insecure. One day I was watching the news. It was around October 2014  (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month). They had mentioned a few locations that would help women that had chemotherapy feel confident about themselves again. Since going under chemotherapy cause women to loose there hair. This also affected there eyebrows. I thought to myself that wouldn't be a bad idea to try myself.  I did a few googling. I found several places but I was still very nervous. I have heard and seen horrible pictures. I thought to myself am I really going to get my eyebrows tattooed? Then thinking about what could go wrong. Will they be to dark?, will they be to wide for my face? What about an infection ? I was literally making myself worry sick! I was so scared ! I actually kept looking. I thought to myself if I can save time and not get frustrated it would SO be worth it ! I knew I had to find someone who I could actually see there work. I found Permetika Cosmetic. I looked at Connie's portfolio. I was really surprised to see her work look so natural. I kept looking at all the pictures and I FELL IN LOVE ! I was like WOW if Connie can make my eyebrows look like that I would no longer waste 30 minutes on JUST MY EYEBROWS ! Yes 30 minuets. To tell you the truth I read her page from before care to after care. I was no longer feeing scared or nervous about getting my eyebrows done. I made an appointment to have a consultation with Connie. Let me tell you one thing when I called her, Oh my god even over the phone she made me feel very conformable. The day of the consultation I met Connie. She is by far the sweetest person I have met. We talked about what I wanted. Connie also showed me more pictures on her camera from previous clients she worked on the day before. Before and after pictures. I was speechless. The women were already beautiful but with Connie's work, it just enhanced there face even more. Very natural and beautiful. The thing I loved the most is that it didn't look like a tattoo. It actually looked like hair !!! Natural Hair ! Connie explained to me that I had to follow al the instruction before and after to have the best results and I sure did. I also did the allergy test that Connie offered to be on the safe side. Just to make sure my skin was not going to have an allergic reaction. I had plenty of questions and Connie answered every one of them.  I left Connie's office feel anxious ! I couldn't wait to have my eyebrows done ! I had my appointment on August 6th. Connie asked me what I expected to leave with that day. I told her I wanted full and natural looking eyebrows with the color of my hair. Connie told me she would make that happen for me. She also told me that there could be a possibility that my eyebrows would be a little on the light side. Connie doesn't like to put to much color in on the first procedure. Not knowing how my skin would take the color. I told her that was fine. I put all my trust in Connie's hand. She is the one who knows what is best. Connie worked on my color and then gave me the shape I wanted. I looked in the mirror and said I LOVE IT !!! I will tell you one important thing Connie is VERY STERILE. She made sure everything was covered. Connie had everything sanitized. Connie did a very good job making sure my eyebrows were numb before she started. I didn't feel a thing. Connie made a few strokes and she sat me up to check them out. Let me tell you thing. You have to look at your eyebrows from a distance. That it how other people are going to see your eyebrows. I had Connie put a few strokes in some areas I thought needed hair and oh boy I told Connie never mind take that one stroke off. It looked like a wild hair. Connie was finally done with my eyebrows. Connie took before and after pictures. I felt confident walking out of Connie's office. This was one of the BEST THINGS I have ever done for myself!"



"First off, I must say that prior to my first visit  I was highly impressed by the information provided on the Permetika website. It is very informative and thorough which helped me prepare for my service ahead of time. I was even more impressed with my visit with Connie who took the time to explain everything to me step by step and she was very careful in making sure everything was clean and sanitized. Her sense of humor also helped me feel at ease and I felt like I had known her for years even though this was my first time meeting her. I trusted her expertise and her suggestions because her work speaks for itself! I encourage you to  take a look at her online portfolio/gallery and you will certainly see what I mean! I must admit that I got a tad bit emotional when I saw how amazing I looked after the procedure! Connie is definitely a professional and I would highly recommend her!! You will not be disappointed!! Permetika is definitely in a league of its own!"





"Connie is the absolute best at permanent makeup. She is a perfectionist and loves her job which shows in the work she does. Connie completely changed the shape of my eyebrows to enhance and balance my facial features and shape. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the results. My eyebrows look amazing from the moment I wake up! Given that this is permanent makeup, I would never use someone that wasn't 100% competent. I have friends that have used her and are just as happy as me. She really takes her time to ensure that her customers love the result. I trust her 100%."





"Let me start by saying that I love Connie and her work. I had my eyebrow done by her a couple of months ago, and they still look great. I had been wanting to get my eyebrows done for years, but was afraid that they would not look natural or look to harsh and dark. So, I did some research online and I found a lot of picture of women that had there eyebrows tattooed called hairline stroke, and it look beautiful and natural, it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I started too search for place that did permanent makeup using the hairline stroke and that is how I found Permetika site. I was very impressed with the amount of information that was provided, and it made me feel in a way comfortable, because it made me think that this was someone that took her job very serious and knew what she was doing, I went into her portfolio and saw all the wonderful job she had done. Let me just say that I would totally recommend Connie if you are looking to getting permanent makeup done, she has a great personality and she is very professional she also keeps her equipment sterile, which was very important to me. She also made me feel very comfortable and before she actually does the tattoo she makes sure you are happy with the color, shape and thickness of your eyebrow, step by step she explains to you what she is doing and let you see the process as she goes, she also, explains to you what to expect after and the healing process. Connie did and amazing job on my eyebrow that I will be returning to her next year for a touch-up. Thanks again Connie!"





"Permetika is the absolute BEST place to choose for permanent makeup in Houston! Connie is professional, experienced, artistic, patient, an excellent listener, and so funny!! She is a true artist and I enjoyed having the benefit of her artistic eye combined with the expertise of  tattoo artistry and technique. I had my eyebrows permanently tattooed May 2014. Connie laid the groundwork during my first session or as she described it "baked the cake". I returned today (September 2014) for the "icing" and I am beyond happy! She perfected the color, shape and natural appearance of my eyebrows. I have never had eyebrows - they have always been very thin. Connie has given me the ultimate gift of awakening in the morning with perfect eyebrows and the ability to simply apply lipgloss and go! Eyebrows frame your face and should never look like commas or boxes. Connie's artistry is impeccable and beautifully natural! Don't trust you face to anyone else!"





"I began searching for someone who really knew what they were doing to repair the damage done by another perm. make-up artist that I had been to.  The other woman used the worthless "tap" method, which basically means it hurts more, and there is less accuracy!  That is when I came across Permetika.  I was really impressed with the pictures of her work.  I was wanting permanent eyeliner.  Something very natural looking.  My daughter was wanting to have her eyebrows done.  We scheduled a consultation together, and Connie was happy to show us many, many examples of her work. She is rightfully very proud of what she does, and my daughter and I were so impressed with how natural her work was!   She is a very artistic person, not just a technician.  She obviously cares so much about the people she is going to work on, and she truly loves what she does.  After my first experience, I was a bit gun shy, but she quickly put my fears to rest, especially when I looked in the mirror while she was working.  Her work is truly amazing.  I just look like I have really nicely done eyeliner.  It was done exactly the way I wanted it!  My daughter's eyebrows are a real work of art.  You would swear that they are her natural eyebrows, even though she had very little left of her natural brows.  Words can't even convey how happy she was to have eyebrows again!  Connie is the best at what she does.  Period!  You can pay more at some places, and you can pay less at other places, but for what she does, I think she is very reasonably priced.  When you put your trust in Connie, she will make sure that you are going to have the results that "you" want, and you are putting yourself in the hands of a true artist.  I can't say enough good about her. Not to mention that she is such a sweet, funny, and genuine person! I only wish I had found her in the first place, but hopefully I can save others from going through the same mistake that I made!"





"I went to Connie with Permetika at the end of December 2013 for hairline stroke for permanent brows.  I found Connie online through a Google search and after reading customer reviews and viewing her website I decided to go to her for the procedure. I was extremely impressed with her website. It was very thorough and answered any questions I had about the technique, procedure, and aftercare. My brows  were always very sparse and under certain lights, it seemed as if I were browless. For years I have filled in my brows with makeup and I was absolutely ready for something more permanent. When I went to Permetika, the office was quite impressive in its cleanliness and complete setup. Connie did a great job asking me what I wanted for the procedure and going through the whole procedure,  step-by-step. She was very personable and made me feel completely at ease. She set up her equipment in front of me so that I could see completely what she used and that everything was new, clean, and sterile.  The procedure took some time, but Id rather have that than someone doing fast and sloppy work. Connie was very conscientious and meticulous in her work. You can tell that she takes great pride in her work and that is something that will make me choose her over and over again. She really is great and she understands and gives great customer service. Nowadays, that is hard to find in a lot of businesses. As for the end results: LOVE THEM!!! It has been about  3  1/2 months, and they look amazing!!!I just went in for a touchup last week  to make them darker, and again she was awesome. I love, love, love them and am planning to have her do my eyeliner within the year. If you are considering permanent makeup, consider Connie- you wont be disappointed at all!"

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