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Connie Pearson

Connie Pearson

Owner, Artist & Creator of BROWS 360™

Permetika Cosmetic Specialties

Houston, Texas


Connie has been creating custom tailored permanent cosmetics for over 20 years. The cornerstone of her success is deeply rooted in the love she has for the craft and in the belief, that every client deserves perfect harmony in their permanent cosmetics choices.


Since 2002, Connie has continued to refine her unique style, with her main passion being in brow design. She offers a creative approach that reaches beyond just providing “a service”. Every procedure starts with careful attention to how her abilities can improve a client’s overall appearance and help to restore their level of confidence.


In her early training in art, she spent a lot of time learning color theory which now enables her to create color combinations that appear natural and realistic in their skin, yet remain undetectable as a tattoo! Her freestyle brow designs are inspired by her previous experience as a portrait artist, as well as doing makeup for the Houston Rockets Cheerleaders, weddings, headshots, pageants, and other events.


Connie has now created a service called BROWS 360™. This service is based on the philosophy of design, that brows should look believable. They should support the overall beauty and symmetry of the person's face, not necessarily become mirror images of each other. This service utilizes both microblading and machine methods and is partially performed with the client seated in an upright position, until the artist can identify the visual facial cues necessary, to create the most exceptional work.


Pablo Picasso once asked “Who sees the face correctly? The Photographer? The Mirror? Or the Painter?” As a woman with a mirror, Connie feels, that in the case of brows, mirrors lie and the true answer lies within the observer!



  • Brow Videos with Dominique Sachse’s YouTube Channel, 2015-2020

  • Hair Simulation Interview with Lauren Freeman, 2012

  • Featured on Hot on Houston, 2007

  • Worked with Photographers and Makeup artists at Aimee-zing Faces doing makeup for the Houston Rockets Cheerleaders and other local events

  • Freelanced Makeup Artist for various Photo Shoots, Weddings

  • Texas Academy of Art, in Houston, Texas

  • A&C Cosmetology School in Del Rio, Texas 

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