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Connie Pearson


Owner, Artist & Creator of BROWS 360™

Permetika Cosmetic Specialties

Houston, Texas

A little about me . . .  I've been creating custom tailored permanent cosmetics since April of 2002, but it was my early training in art school, that taught me composition and color theory.  Over the years, my work naturally morphed into its own unique style and now reaches far beyond just providing “a service”.


My approach is different than traditional methods.

During the procedure, I may utilize the normal tools required by microblading or machine work, but my method of application is very different. Instead of strictly mapping and measuring the brows out to perfection with thread and a pencil, I OBSERVE my client's WHOLE FACE during the conversation leading up to application and mentally map out the strokes, using the same measurements, however it's done in my mind, instead of with thread.  While the client remains in a seated, upright position, face to face, I begin to apply the strokes carefully, one by one.  I pay careful attention to detail as I'm deciding how I can improve a client’s overall appearance and help to restore a level of confidence to my client, knowing that we will stop the procedure as soon as balance is achieved.  

This technique (to me) has an extreme advantage over traditional methods because I can identify how and where to use the LEAST number of strokes, yet make a significant impact in shape, structure and color! When brows look good FROM EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE, the brows are finished, and look their best! And by the way... what makeup artist ever applied eyebrows laying down anyway? NONE! 


The reason my work is different is because I have an eye for detail that begs for a less is more approach. I believe that brows should look believable, rather than "perfect" mirror images of each other. They should, however, look similar enough as to not appear out of balance, yet keep just enough individuality to support the overall NATURAL beauty and symmetry of the person's face. 


In conclusion, I believe that the cornerstone of my success is rooted in the love that I have for my craft, the care I show my clients and, in my belief, that eyebrows should look REAL as possible! My goal is for you leave the studio feeling confident and beautiful! So I hope that you will reach out and schedule your appointment.

Pablo Picasso once asked “Who sees the face correctly?

The Photographer? The Mirror? Or the Painter?” As a woman who understands, that mirrors lie - I have the observer! The people looking at you see things that we just don't see in the mirror, because we are looking at a reverse image of what everyone else see. So it's important to understand WHY brows are so difficult to create . . .  For this reason, while mapping, I take the time to OBSERVE brow movement, INSTEAD of tightly measuring them. I watch closely during the procedure, with the client seated in an UPRIGHT position. face to face, because most of these movements would be unnoticed - if the client is laying down.

  • A&C Cosmetology School in Del Rio, Texas, 1980.

  • Texas Academy of Art, in Houston, Texas, 1981-1982.

  • Featured on "Hot on Houston" in 2007.

  • Hair Simulation Interview with Lauren Freeman, 2012.

  • Brow Videos with Dominique Sachse’s YouTube Channel, 2015-2020.

  • Worked with Photographers and Makeup artists at Aimee-zing Faces. 

  • Freelanced Makeup Artist for the Houston Rockets Cheerleaders, weddings, headshots, pageants, and various other events.


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