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Connie Pearson


Powder Brows

Eyes & Lips

Scars & Areola

Medical Aesthetician

Owner, Artist, Trainer

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Dr. Victoria Zavala






Medical Director & Master Injector

Dr. Zavala has been practicing medicine for nearly thirty years. She is the supervising medical Director Permetika as well as performing all Injectibles.

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Crystal Fewox, FNP-C

IV Infusion Specialist

Botox &  Xeomin Injector

Kybella & Lipo Dissolve


Juvederm Ultra




Nurse Practitioner

As the newest member to the amazing team of talented professionals at Permetika I am thrilled to begin this journey and working alongside an amazing group of people here at Permetika. Not only am I a loyal client of Connie’s, I am lucky to begin my career alongside her providing new services to her existing clients as well as many new clients to come. My specialties include I.V. Nutritional Therapies, facial injections such as Botox, Xiomin and fillers with new services being added to the menu in the near future. 

I began my career as a registered nurse in 2004 with a focus in critical care and emergency medicine. I went on to obtain my masters degree in 2015 from The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston to begin my career as a Family Nurse Practitioner working in a diverse, high energy emergency department in Downtown Houston for the last 4 years. At this time I am ready to leap into my passion for aesthetic medicine and begin a new life of peace, happiness, and BEAUTY! And there isn’t a better place for me than Permetika! With expert training, guidance and support from Permetika’s own Medical Director Dr. Victoria Zavala I am ready to spread my wings and fly. 

I am certified in botulinum toxin injections, fillers as well as IV vitamin infusion therapy. With my background in emergency medicine I have the added ability and skilsl to identify and correct any potential adverse events, that most medical procedures have the potential to create.  Additionally, I offer anesthetic blocks to eliminate any discomfort that may occur with these procedures. Stay tuned for updates on new services as we let the wind guide us. 


The sky is the Limit!

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Marc Harvey

MHB Beauty Airbrush Makeup Line

Creator of SkincAir Line

Popup Shops

Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Ruby Vazquez

Lash Extension Specialist

Laser Technician

Body Contouring

Skin Tightenting


Medical Aesthetician

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Lan Pham

Lash Extension Specialist

Lash Extension Trainer

Microblading Artist



Permetika Artist

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Carolina Marler

Microblading Artist

Lash Extension Specialist

Permetika Artist

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Michael Layne

Client Services

Social Media 

Client Coordinator

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Kassandra Anselmo


Party Planner

Sales & Marketing