Traveling to Houston?


BUT FIRST . . . Before you book an appointment and reservations, you should know, that MULTIPLE SESSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS.

This means you need to plan to return for perfecting treatments about once every 3 months for the first year. Occasionally, results are great, but most clients need adjustments.


ALSO . . .  We know it takes a lot of effort and planning to get here, so we will do everything within our power to honor your appointment and help you make the best of it!  However, in cases of inclement weather, illness, natural disasters, we cannot be held responsible for potential losses.

With that in mind, we invite you to start reading, learning & getting ready for your big day!

  • BE SURE TO READ THE PLAN AHEAD, TIMING & AFTERCARE PAGES that explain the process so that you understand the pros & cons of Permanent Makeup.  Once you decide to book a procedure,  please understand that it is important to know (in advance) that you will need to return for follow-up visits. This is something that is required for us to consider the work to be complete. 

  • ALLOW AMPLE TIME . . .  Please remember when scheduling your flights, to allow enough time to allow for hiccups in the schedule since my afternoon appointments may start late. 

  • PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE . . .  In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as sudden illness, inclement weather, vehicular malfunctions, etc... We are not responsible for your expenses related to the missed appointment. We will do everything in our power to avoid situations that affect your appointment!

  • TALK TO THE HAND . . .  Well-meaning family or friends may have comments and advice for you as they watch you go through this process. If so, please don't let them shake your confidence! They may not understand our process, so just shrug it off. If you prefer you might explain that the first session is JUST A TEST of COLOR to see how everything heals on round one... remember our less is more approach and know that we will add more color as it becomes safe to do so. 

Please Google HOTELS & DINING CLOSE TO THIS ADDRESS.  We have plenty of opportunities for fine dining and shopping and many nice hotels in our immediate area.