Traveling here for an Appointment?

I am so thankful for your trust and I truly am looking forward to working with you. I know it takes a lot of effort and planning to get here so before scheduling a trip to Houston, I want to help you make the best of it!


First, and foremost...YOU MUST BE  ABLE AND WILLING TO MAKE A FEW TRIPS IN TO SEE ME FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS, so please make sure that returning for followup visits is something that is attainable for you.

  • ALLOW AMPLE TIME . . .  Please remember when scheduling your flights, to allow enough time to allow for hiccups in the schedule since my afternoon appointments may start late. 

  • PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE . . . We are not responsible for your expenses in the event if unforeseen circumstance arise.

  • TALK TO THE HAND . . .  Well meaning family or friends may have comments and advice for you as they watch you go through this process. If so, please don't let them shake your confidence!. They may not understand our process, so just shrug it off. If you prefer you might explain that the first session is JUST A TEST of COLOR to see how everything heals on round one... remember our less is more approach and know that we will add more color as it become safe to do so. 




Please remember that we have plenty of opportunities for fine dining and shopping in our immediate area, so if you plan on taking advantage of that, we also have many nice Hotels in our immediate area.


The Sheraton

A Quiet Hotel and right next door. One minute walk.

Room Reservations:   (888) 217-5507

Hotel Derek

A Destination Hotel with Upscale Bar, Pool & Foosball tables. Three minute walk.

Room Reservations:  (866) 292-4100