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Goals for our Clients

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There you will find many answers to your questions!
A well-informed client leads to another satisfied client . . . Prior to your appointment, please refer to our CONTRAINDICATIONS PAGE.


There's a lot to know! And UNDERSTANDING OUR PROCESS is the first step, in becoming A HAPPY CLIENT!  The information shared throughout this website is meant to help you form realistic expectations about the procedure(s) that you're interested in.


We truly appreciate you for spending your valuable time to educate yourself prior to your procedure.


I want my work to restore your looks, make your life easier and put a BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE! While remaining UNDETECTABLE as a tattoo! 

Twenty years ago, permanent makeup artists were advised to apply 30-50% EXTRA color to compensate for the inevitable loss of color that occurs during the healing process. 


Sounds logical... UNTIL you realize that every person is different, and procedures don't all respond in the same way.  Some clients will LOSE a lot of color... some clients will RETAIN a lot of color... But MOST people fall somewhere in the middle.  Since we don't know who's skin will do what...  I don't want ANY unhappy clients. So, in my opinion, ALL skin DESERVES a conservative approach, in order to protect the small margin of people who tend to hold a lot of color!


We can always add more color and strokes during subsequent sessions. And for those who end up needing more color, you will still be happy to have a beautiful guide to follow when drawing in your morning brows... this is a huge time saver!

Another huge plus to our UNIQUE STYLE is that it reduces the potential of needing TATTOO REMOVAL. Tattoo removal is painful, time-consuming, expensive, and completely avoidable with the Permetika Approach. 

So on the day of your initial procedure . . . 

We work until everything looks BEAUTIFUL. This way, you can walk out looking normal!  However, you must realize that there is a flip side to this... you may find that you have lost about 30-50% of that color.

Shape and color can be adjusted on subsequent sessions AFTER we see how the initial session has healed in. Then we will be able to tell what color and shape adjustments to make later. 

REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS must be established

Prior to your procedure, you should realize that following our guidelines may marginally optimize your results, but they DO NOT guarantee 100% success. Your own body has the final word on how much color stays and how true the color heals. There are things we can do to help encourage better color retention; however, every client will have a different outcome.

There is a lot to remember, so please: 








Results are as varied as the numbers of people who want permanent makeup...  What appears to be "just enough" for one person, may be barely noticeable to another.  The same principle applies to flaws.  Artistic abilities are as unique as there are artists... and we carry a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY to identify the particular needs of every client and relay and merge our vision, then execute our  grand performance!


So then . . .  we execute that Grand Performance, but the art in now - in your SKIN!  Skin that is moving and churning on a microscopic scale and is going to be fighting to remove what we just put in.  Add to that, all the various levels of self care going on. Some people follow all the rules while others will break out the peroxide to scrub out thier new color. DO DO THAT! Most likely, what you're seeing is inflammation more than color!


If (at any stage of your healing process)  you move into freak out mode, just remember how it looked when it was first done. Take a breath... calm down... let it heal... and we will take the next steps at your followup session.

Why you should read prior to an Appointment

When a client books an appointment at PERMETIKA, it is with the understanding that you have READ, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE  with the information that I have shared throughout this website. This information is meant to help you in forming  realistic expectations, foster a great relationship and to avoid  any potential misunderstandings in the future.  By the time you are seated in my chair, we will have shared this information with you , in advance and on multiple levels. WHY is this so important?


For starters, learn if you're a GOOD CANDIDATE or not.

  • Make sure your idea of pretty is the same as mine. 


  • Know what to do to CARE FOR YOUR NEW PROCEDURE.

  • Understand that potential (not common)  RISKS that are inherent with any procedure, performed by ANY artist, even me!  

  • Why? There is a possibility that your skin may not respond favorably to the art placed in it.

  • Therefore, we cannot entirely predict an exact outcome, nor do we have ultimate control over your skin's reactions, should there be any reaction at all. 


  • Therefore we vow to proceed cautiously. IN TURN, WE EXPECT . . . that you consider yourself a well-informed client who understands that your procedure will NOT stay as it was initially implanted and agree with a conservative approach and are willing and ABLE to commit to more sessions as needed  TO BUILD TOWARD YOUR ULTIMATE GOALS, instead of risking too much color retention.

  • REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS are paramount! PERFECT does not exist! Artistic preferences are subject to interpretation, but we will do our best to be on the same page with you! 

  • Because the more you know, the better prepared you'll be. 

  • People often ask if they really need to plan...  Some just assume that it's not that important.  We feel it's best to do everything you can, to achieve optimal results. People who have had body art know that some tattoos heal well while others need follow-ups.

  • This is even more true with Permanent Cosmetics. Our pigment is not applied as deep in the skin as a body tattoo, so we need to fight to keep what color we can!  

  • So we hope you will take the time to learn about our process and spend a couple of weeks preparing for your procedure by starting & stopping certain products, eating well, and start taking the Arnica Montana as recommended, if able.  

  • We feel that these steps will HELP secure a MORE successful procedure than if you don't prepare at all.  However, because all skin is different, we cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, as the art we apply is in YOUR SKIN, and skin is UNPREDICTABLE.  

  • The worst-case scenario would be that most of your color doesn't take.  If this happens, you must be mentally prepared to get back up in the saddle - and DO IT AGAIN!  Most people require 2-3 sessions with my technique. However, some people may need more. Some less!

  • IN EXTREMELY RARE CASES, the color could go too dark, even though we do perform conservatively. If this happens, we will need to assess the situation in person. 


Session  #1  

This is where I lay the foundation. This first pass is done deliberately on the conservative side so that NO ONE ends up with a color that is too dark.   Please remember, we are putting artwork into your SKIN, so when color is applied lightly, some people will end up with a color that is patchy and much too light.  If your first session loses a lot of color, it may appear patchy, uneven, or with unnatural-looking hues. Please consider this normal and just be sure to book your follow-up appointment, as this is not a mistake on our part as we cannot control what your skin retains. We will catch it up on your follow-up visit. Until then, please apply makeup to balance out the color. 


Please remember, that missing color stems from the fact that I am putting art into your SKIN. And the skin is a living, breathing, moving organ that is designed to protect you when a wound is created. SO IT FIGHTS... by trying to push what it perceives as a threat,  (this foreign body called:  Pigment) back out of your system. AND WE MUST FIGHT BACK... to retain as much of the color, as possible and we do this with proper application & proper aftercare. 


Follow-up Sessions  #2 and #3+

Follow-up sessions are required to balance the color and add more strokes to the missing spots.... Follow-up visits are not included in the price of the procedure. Follow up sessions range from $200 -$500, depending on the procedure and artist chosen.

The more you know, the more prepared you'll be.  I'm a seasoned artist . . . This means that I know, that in spite of experience, things can sometimes still go sideways on occasion.  HOWEVER, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT A DISASTER HAPPENING IF YOU CHOOSE US TO DO YOUR WORK!  The trick is knowing what adjustments are necessary to get things back on track... and I do! 


In most cases, the worst-case scenario is that the color didn't hold well. If this happens, you must be mentally prepared to get back up in the saddle - and DO IT AGAIN!  Most people require 2-3 sessions with my technique. However, some people may need more. Some less! In a few cases, the color held too much. For this reason, I work very conservatively!


Please remember, that we are inserting art into a BIOLOGICAL SYSTEM ~ WHERE NOTHING IS EVER CERTAIN! 

Your skin is a living, breathing, moving organ that is designed to protect you when a wound is created. SO IT FIGHTS THE PROCESS... by trying to push out - what it perceives as a threat,  (ie: the pigment).  SO WE MUST FIGHT BACK... to retain as much of the color, as possible and we do this with proper application & proper aftercare. 

Our main goal is to create beautiful permanent makeup to enhance your look - while remaining UNDETECTABLE as a tattoo!  This requires a conservative start, so you should "expect" the initial outcome to be too light, but with more definition than before.  All initial "brow" procedures are applied with a LESS IS MORE APPROACH.  

Only a few lucky clients heal with near-perfect results. The others heal with various stages of patchiness, and the only remedy is a follow-up to catch the color up in the areas that didn't take well on round one. Also, since it is impossible to prove or disprove how well it was cared for... For example: 


  • Did you fall asleep on one brow?

  • Did you rub or pick it too much? 

  • Did you ice them well enough? 

  • Did you wipe them enough?

  • Did you shower too long?

  • Did they get too hot?