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Dominique Sachse



One day, I got a call from this lovely woman.

Her story was all too familiar.  You probably know her.  Her name is Dominique Sachse. She was in a daily struggle with her brows, just like you!  Well, her struggle is now over!

At the time of our meeting, she was Houston's Evening News Anchor on Channel 2. She is also a YouTube Influencer for women like us. Because of her down-to-earth transparency, people love and trust her opinions and advice.

Yes, she trusted Permetika and so can you! So is it your turn now? Maybe so... but hang on! Before you just book your procedure because Dominique did, please remember that she did her own research based on her own preferences, medical history, and personal sense of style.


You are UNIQUE and your experience may differ from every other person. Just remember, in order to experience OPTIMAL results, you need to know what to expect AND HOW TO PLAN!


So do YOUR OWN RESEARCH to make sure that you agree with OUR UNIQUE STYLE of work.  While you may like the fact that a conservative procedure goes a long way to protect you, you must also be ok with the possibility that your skin may require more follow-up work. Then IF you don't need a follow-up? Great news... you've just dodged a bullet! If we had not played it safe, you COULD be walking around looking like a SUPER HERO! 


Great reviews are vital to any business, and we would certainly appreciate the time you spend to help spread good news of how we've helped YOU! The easiest way is to pre-write in in MS WORD, then copy and paste to:

If however, you’ve had any issues, we would appreciate you for contacting us to let us know your thoughts - so we can try to make things right for you!

Former Channel 2 EVENING NEWS ANCHOR & 
YouTube Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire


Click to Watch

VIDEO #1 . . . . . . Microblading (August 2015)
VIDEO #2 . . . . . . . . Microblading (8 weeks later)
VIDEO #3 . . . . . . . . Microblading (16 weeks after 1st Session)
VIDEO #4 . . . . . . . . . . 18 MONTH COLOR BOOST (November 2017)
Machine Method to create an Airbrush Effect


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