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And we want to put that same smile on your face as well. If you're you looking for beautifully done, natural-looking brows, eyeliner, or lips, and you want it done right the first time? Then your search is over.  We specialize in REALISTIC, NATURAL looking work!

This website is a great resource for you, or anyone else, who might be considering an improvement in their appearance. Not only do we specialize in Cosmetic Tattooing. . . we also do great work in the areas of anti-aging treatments as well:


However, before you book a procedure, there are some important pieces to the puzzle to understand first . . .  and So our main goal now is to educate you (NOT SELL YOU) prior to the procedure so that you know all the necessary information for OPTIMAL REASULTS. The more you know, the more you understand. The more your understand, the happier you'll ultimately be. So we hope you'll take advantage of the wealth of information provided to guide you along the way.


  • First, you need to find out if you're a good candidate for a procedure.

  • Next, you MUST understand that we are applying artwork into SKIN, not canvass!

    • On a canvass, the artwork stays where the artist draws it.

    • Your skin, on the other hand, is a living organ designed to protect your body. It does not see the pigment as a work of art. It sees it as foreign matter and the immune system will try to fight it off. 

    • This is why we try to circumvent that action by proper after care techniques.

    • Even with perfect care, each client will still have various outcomes due to differences in skin thickness, biological makeup, personal habits, lifestyle, diet, medications.

    • Even supplements can affect the outcome.


The linked pages shown in the footer section below are where you'll find the information you need to learn in order to make an informed decision.


Not everything will be pertinent to you. So as you read, jot down some notes that pertain to you... then just before and after your procedure, you will need to stop/start consuming certain products.


For example: We have a page called PRE PROCEDURE TIPS to assist you in timing your procedure. 


Important: Taking ARNICA MONTANA (pills) will really help prepare your skin for less bleeding and faster healing, START TAKING ARNICA MONTANA ABOUT A WEEK PRIOR TO ANY PROCEDURE.


Proper AFTERCARE is also important.

  • Buy a travel pillow to sleep with.

  • Don't schedule anything important on the day of your procedure.

  • Plan for a relaxing few days with no IMPORTANT EVENTS following your procedure. Of course general outings, work, lunch or dinner with friends is typically ok (unless you don't want anyone to notice a thing) because Days 2-3 may appear red and inflamed surrounding the treated area.

  • For 1-2 weeks, strenuous activities are restricted. Nothing should cause you to sweat... because sweat contains salt & salt reduces pigment retention.

  • After all, you are considering a decision that WILL impact your appearance for a very long time.    

Those are just a few important tips to help make sure you protect your investment. 

We hope to see you soon and THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO LEARN. 

Now just relax and take a look around. If you like what you see, click the BOOK NOW BUTTON and take the plunge! 

We think you'll be so happy!

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Connie Pearson 
Owner & Artist Since 2002

Dr. Victoria Zavala
Medical Director Since 2009

Our Directors

Dr. Zavala: Permetika's Medical Director since 2009. 

Dr. Z is a brilliant, hardworking doctor who excels at anything she decides to take on. She's committed to everyone she encounters and she's there for me, our team, and our clients when we need expert medical advice.

Here's why I think she's so good at facial rejuvenation.  Before she became a Doctor & an  Anesthesiologist, she was a master painter of both realism and abstract art,  and she sculpts as well. Combine these skills with medical degrees and you have a perfect recipe for amazing talent and skills. Her understanding of facial anatomy makes her a master injector. 

Just take a look at this Before & After picture below.

A car accident left this woman's jaw disfigured and it worsened over time.  Dr. Zavala totally rebuilt her face using dermal fillers and medical threads.  There was no surgery done.  By adding volume back into the face, she brought her features back into proportion to restore a look of youth and vitality.  Remember, results are temporary so fillers and botox need annual or semi-annual maintenance.

Our Artistic Team

Sloane  Kassandra   Connie   Carolina   Tish

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We have three new Apprentices now:
  • Jessica Saavedra 
  • Veronica Galvan
  • Jenny Passman
CLICK HERE to make sure you're ready.

A well-informed client will lead to becoming another satisfied client! Before any procedure, please find out if YOU are a good CANDIDATE! This will give you a general idea of how to best prepare for and take care of particular procedures. 


As you explore this information, be sure to grab a pen and a tablet to take some notes on the things that pertain to you. Once you decide that you're a good candidate and you're in good health, we ask that you fill out the following links prior to your procedure:



For example...  If you are: 

  • Pregnant - must wait.

  • Nursing - must wait.

  • Trying to get pregnant - must wait.

  • Diabetics - Must provide a doctor's note stating that their condition is under control.

  • JOINT REPLACEMENT RECIPIENTS - Normally require pre-medication PRIOR to routine dental appointments. Same for here.

  • Other Health Conditions If you are being treated for anything else, please ask your doctor if cosmetic tattooing is ok for YOU. 

  • If you've ever had STAPH INFECTION, SEPSIS, MRSA, or SHINGLES, you'll need a doctor's clearance to proceed.

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