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Our website is primarily about educating YOU!

The client, the mom, the sister, the daughter, the friend, or even husband of the person who needs our services. If you want to learn, you came to the right place.  BTW... We know that this website is  full of walls of text... ONE DAY, we will splice it all down and replace it with some video content. However, today is not that day... so much to do - not enough hours in the day.


So here we are... we know it's a lot, but the more you know, the better you can prepare. After all, you are considering a decision that WILL impact your appearance, for a very long time.  Make sure it's the RIGHT move.  So whether you decide to schedule with us or someone else, we hope you'll take advantage of the wealth of information here on this website.  It will help guide you along the way...  Before we dive, let's introduce you to our team! 

And a note to those who are considering learning this fabulous trade...

I now have 2 apprenticeship positions available.  Regular Classes will get started as soon as the current COVID CLIMATE calms down and it's safe to gather again in larger groups. To get on our waiting list  TEXT "TRAINING" TO  713-340-4422. Please include your Full Name,  Address,  Cell Phone Number, Experience (if any).

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Connie Pearson 

Owner & Artist Since 2002

Dr. Victoria Zavala

Medical Director Since 2009


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