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Tish Terrell

Tish Terrell


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Leticia “Tish” Terrell graduated from San Jacinto College Esthetics program in 2003.


Her love of makeup, gave her inspiration and the ambition to perfect her craft, even as she continued on with her 20 year career in Law Enforcement.  This journey created a nice balance to the daily pressures of working in Law Enforcement where she learned the disciplines required to help those in crisis situations. Tish is a quick thinker and is multifaceted enough to work under extreme pressure, while never letting go of her artistic dreams! 

Tish spent a few years working at Sephora where she developed great interpersonal skills. She formed lasting relationships with peers in her field, who further motivated her to expand her makeup artistry.  


Tish has overcome various obstacles in her life, including Domestic Violence. She says, “I appreciate that my purpose and passion are connected together now.  I have a desire to embrace and enhance others more than ever and I enjoy enhancing beauty from the inside out... it makes my heart smile.”

Tish’s clients often commend her on her attention to detail and the relaxing atmosphere she provides. Her credentials have been earned through training with the following companies and she is now bringing these exquisite premium services to you!

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From Connie:

I asked my team to share one word that summed up what they think their gift to humanity would be. 

Tish said: PASSION

“My passion is connected with my purpose in life! 


I want my client's to feel like they’re walking out on a red carpet! I love to embrace and empower other people ] through innovation and I always try to cultivate strong  relationships any time I can!


I am available for consultations to my clients so I can educate them on current trends and suggest the services that would be most appropriate for them.

  • Permétika, Connie Pearson . . . . . . . . . . .  Brow Microblading

  • Mark Harvey Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Air Brush Makeup 

  • Xtreme Lashes . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Lash Extensions 

  • Ultimate Brows, Nicki Potter  . . . . . . . . . . 3D Brow Sculpting,

  • The Lash Exchange, Tianna Seo. . . . . . .  Lash Extensions

  • Jorenzi Lash and Beauty, Anne Marie  . . Premium Lashes  



  • ARTISTS WHO WERE TRAINED BY CONNIE, WILL STILL HAVE THEIR OWN STYLE AS AN ARTIST.  Just because one is trained by Connie, does not necessarily mean that they will or will not perform as Connie would. The solution here is to request more photos from the artist to see if your style matches theirs!

  • CLIENTS MUST EXPECT SOME INCONSISTENCIES IN THE OUTCOME as art is being placed into client's SKIN. Skin is a breathing, moving organism which will also dictate what it will keep, or reject. Clients' habits may also be a factor in GREAT or POOR retention, so be sure to read the PLAN AHEAD and the AFTER CARE pages at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment date!

  • YOUR FOLLOWUP APPOINTMENTS must be booked with the artist who originally performed the initial procedure. This is required in order for the artist to see how the work healed in YOUR skin and to have the opportunity to adjust the results of their work. Mild to moderate adjustments are normal and necessary.

  • ​​IF YOU OPT TO CHANGE ARTISTS when the original artist is still available, you must book a NEW appointment and pay the NEW fee.  No hard feelings... we understand that a positive connection is necessary for the client to be happy!

  • PLEASE REMEMBER...  ART is subjective to personal interpretation. Artists at Permetika will be closely monitored for artistic quality, but perfection cannot be guaranteed. Clients and Artists must be willing to expect more follow-ups.

Please do the research to find out which artist is the best fit, for your needs.

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