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Suspension of Procedures lifted, but still cautious!

March 22, 2020

To: Our Wonderful Clients

From: Connie

This letter is to  inform you, that we have returned to work, however we are doing everything possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19.   


We ask that you let us know if you've been exposed to COVID-19. We will reset your appointment to our next availability to give you the chance to get tested. 

We appreciate your cooperation!

Some New Events . . .  
1. Crystal Fewox, Our Nurse Practitioner will be on board by appointment only to offer our NEW LINE of IV INFUSIONS as well as Botox, Xeomin, Filler! 
2. FLASHBACK SKIN TIGHTENING is now available  by Connie! 

This new skin tightening procedure will BLAST THE PAST!  I’ve been testing it since May of 2019. I’ve found that it truly rejuvenates tired, sagging, crepe-like skin like with results that rival plastic surgery! I’m proficient AND cautious at performing these  treatments, with your safety in mind! This procedure is similar to, but less invasive than the plasma lift and fibroblast procedures you may have already heard of. Our technique delivers amazing results on fair to medium skin tones.  If your skin is darker, we can offer TRIBELLA treatments using our VENUS VERSA Technology to also deliver fantastic results on ALL skin tones! So we will have great deals for everyone! 

                                   Look   👀 No SURGERY! 
Also available . . .  FLASHBACK SKIN CORRECTOR!

This treatment has been performed on so many of you (complimentary) for the past four years to remove your benign lesions! So  help me now by telling your family and friends about the magic! Your flawless finish speaks volumes!

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