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Consultations 2 Ways

Consultations can be arranged in two ways...

All consultations are held at our office.  (See address above). 

We recommend booking a consultation at least one week prior to your 1st appointment date. Then book your followup treatment at least 8 weeks later.  This will help secure your timely spacing between appointments. If you wait until you NEED an appointment, you may be looking at a wait. 


Booking your sessions will require a deposit of $200, which is applicable toward the procedure of choice. The rest of the balance is due the day of your procedure. Reserving all three appointments at once is NOT required, however doing so helps reduce the wait time between appointments.


As a courtesy to others who may want your spot, we would appreciate a notice of a week or two, if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. If you do not offer at least a 1 week notice of cancellation, the deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to reset your next appointment.

By consolidating our consultations into a group setting, allows more work time in the day. Classes also help with time management / work flow during the day and avoids repeating ideas and instructions, multiple times per day. 


So come satisfy your curiosity in a FUN environment where you'll meet other people who have similar interests. Be sure to bring a list of all of your questions and learn what permanent makeup can (and cannot) do for you. No hardcore sales... no expectations, and no pressure!  This informal and friendly gathering is the perfect opportunity for us to get acquainted, ask and answer questions, and maybe hear unique ideas from others. 


Seating is limited, and you must register on line  and selecting a date for the class. This will give us an accurate head count for the meeting. The class should be scheduled a MINIMUM OF 1 WEEK prior to your first permanent makeup session. 


Consultation Appointments may be reset, without penalty to any later date.


ONCE PER MONTH  (see booking calendar for available dates) 

6:30 PM..........Allergy testing begins

6:45 PM..........Setting expectations & guidelines

7:00 PM..........Before & after pictures

7:30 PM..........Q&A

Private consultations are also available for $100 during the work day, when scheduled in advance. This is a nonrefundable fee  is not a deposit and will not be applied toward the cost of your procedure. You may book this appointment whenever the schedule allows. 


Appointments booked at the start of the day will be seen on time. Later appointments may be delayed if the technician has not yet completed a session, as we cannot fully anticipate, nor guarantee, when a procedure will be finished. 



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