Sloane Gremillion


Sloane has been with Permetika since April of 2017.


Since starting at Permetika, her creativity and artistry have both developed at an amazing rate! Couple that with the care that she has for people, and we know that she will do a fantastic job with clients and become a valuable member of our team! 

Sloane studied Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design where she was required to sketch out designs, including facial features. Her love for beauty and unshakable desire to help empower women, led her here!  

From Connie:

I asked my team to share one word that summed up what they think their gift to humanity would be. 

Sloane's word:  FAIRY GOD MOTHER  ( LOL)
"God has blessed me with a sharp mind 🧠which allows me to be protective and proactive. I catch things fast, so a situation doesn't become reactive. I enjoy helping others by sharing this gift when I can.  That’s my intentions anyway. 


I also have the gift of gab, so I enjoy making people feel special, confident and at ease!


Y’all have a great day!

Before & After - More of Sloane's photos to come!


  • ARTISTS WHO WERE TRAINED BY CONNIE, WILL STILL HAVE THEIR OWN STYLE AS AN ARTIST.  Just because one is trained by Connie, does not necessarily mean that they will or will not perform as Connie would. The solution here is to request more photos from the artist to see if your style matches theirs!

  • CLIENTS MUST EXPECT SOME INCONSISTENCIES IN THE OUTCOME as art is being placed into client's SKIN. Skin is a breathing, moving organism which will also dictate what it will keep, or reject. Clients' habits may also be a factor in GREAT or POOR retention, so be sure to read the PLAN AHEAD and the AFTER CARE pages at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment date!

  • YOUR FOLLOWUP APPOINTMENTS must be booked with the artist who originally performed the initial procedure. This is required in order for the artist to see how the work healed in YOUR skin and to have the opportunity to adjust the results of their work. Mild to moderate adjustments are normal and necessary.

  • ​​IF YOU OPT TO CHANGE ARTISTS when the original artist is still available, you must book a NEW appointment and pay the NEW fee.  No hard feelings... we understand that a positive connection is necessary for the client to be happy!

  • PLEASE REMEMBER...  ART is subjective to personal interpretation. Artists at Permetika will be closely monitored for artistic quality, but perfection cannot be guaranteed. Clients and Artists must be willing to expect more follow-ups.

Please do the research to find out which artist is the best fit, for your needs.

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