BY BOOKING A PROCEDURE, YOU ARE DECLARING THAT YOU HAVE READ THE LINKS BELOW, AND YOU UNDERSTAND & AGREE WITH OUR CONSERVATIVE APPROACH.  Please remember that every client will have a different outcome. A small percentage of people will hold almost all of the color while a few may lose most of the color. MOST people fall somewhere in the mid-range.


Just remember that more color can be added on subsequent sessions AFTER we see how the initial session healed in.  We have adopted our conservative approach because REMOVAL is painful,  very time-consuming, expensive, and completely avoidable with the Permetika Approach.

We appreciate you for taking the time to educate yourself on our process. IN THE FOOTER BELOW, you will find links on how to plan, how to care for and on how to have realistic expectations.  Please remember... we are putting "art" into your "skin". Your skin is a biological system that is designed to rid itself of foreign matter (ie: your new pigment). However, there are things we can do to help win the battle.  Please read on for more information. 

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