(at least read these pages) . . .

We have a great track record ! However, YOUR comprehension and cooperation plays a large role  in your overall happiness.  To help you along, I designed this website to help maximize your experience, and to try avoid circumstances that could sabotage it as well...   

For starters, learn if you're a good CANDIDATE or not.

  • Make sure your idea of pretty is the same as mine. 

  • So let's PLAN out your session.

  • Know what to do to CARE FOR YOUR NEW PROCEDURE.

  • Understand that potential (not common)  RISKS that are inherent with any procedure, performed by ANY artist, even me!  

  • Why? There is a possibility that your skin may not respond favorably to the art placed in it.

  • Therefore, we cannot entirely predict an exact outcome, nor do we have ultimate control over your skin's reactions, should there be any reaction at all. 

  • EACH PROCEDURE IS AN EXPERIMENT! Therefore we vow to proceed cautiously.

  • IN TURN, WE EXPECT . . . that you consider yourself a well informed client who understands that your procedure will NOT stay as it was initially implanted and agree with a conservative approach and are willing and ABLE to commit to more sessions as needed  TO BUILD TOWARD YOUR ULTIMATE GOALS, instead of risking too much color retention.

  • REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS are paramount! PERFECT does not exist ! Artistic preferences are subject to interpretation, but we will do our best to be on the same page with you!